All speakers are kindly asked to submit the extended abstract IN ENGLISH, covering the main points of their lecture until ....... 2021. Abstracts will be translated into Polish and printed in the symposium proceedings.
The abstract should be for about THREE and must not exceed five pages. Single-spaced 12.0 Times New Roman font and 2 cm margins (top and bottom, right and left). Title in bold small caps (Times New Roman 12.0), one blank line before author names and institution (see p. 3), followed by one blank line and text.
Please include full name and surname, title, full name of the University/Institute/Company and e-mail address of the corresponding author.
Please limit the figures and tables to those absolutely essential.
Please put no more than TEN references at the end, in the alphabetical order.
Please send the abstracts to malgorzata.ochota@upwr.edu.pl .


All presentations should be prepared in Power Point (MS Office) in ENGLISH.
All speakers are kindly asked to send their presentations to malgorzata.ochota@upwr.edu.pl not later than .... 2021 for the interpreter to look through.

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